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domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

Plain Salad Dressing

Is admissible with nearly all saladas.  It is composed of oil, vinegar, pepper, and salt, and nothing else.  Many who do not care particulary for oil, use equal quantities of oil and vinegar, others one-third vinegar with two-thirds oil; these portions satisfy a large class, but four parts of oil to one of vinegar are about the right proportions, provided the vinegar is for the best.
The plain dressing is made in two ways, either mixed in a bowl and the salad added to it, or as follows: Take a tablespoons and put in it (holding it over the salad) one spoonful of salt, one fourth this quantity of freshly ground pepper, and to the salad.  Add three more tablesponfuls of oir; toss the salad lightly for a few seconds; lastly, add a tablesponful of sharp vinegar; toss the salad again, and serve.

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