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domingo, 1 de enero de 2012

Meat Pie (serves 8)


3 pounds round steak
1 pound veal
2 small onions
3 medium sice carrots, sliced
3 medium size potatoes, cubed
2 tsp salt
Browned fluor
1 recipe Soda Biscuits

Trim meat of fat and gristle.  Cut into strips 2" x 1".  Add 1 sliced onion.  Sear until brown.  Cover with boiling water.  Cover, and let simmer until tender, about one hour.  Add vegetables, remaining onions, finely diced, and salt.  Cook one half hour longer.  Thicken gravy with browned fluor.  Season to taste.  Turn into baking dish.  Cover with biscuit mixture rolled thin, or cut into small biscuits.  Bake in hot oven 475ºF (245ºC) 15 minutes.

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